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Synth stuff for sale

Post by lem » Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:01 pm

Hi Guys,

Trying to cut down on the amount of equipment I have. Moving house is turning into such a pain! Here is my list. I should be adding more soon...

Korg Electribe ER1 Mk2 - £150
-A few scuffs on the paint, but otherwise perfect working order. No crackly pots etc. Great sequencer.

Korg Legacy Collection with MS20 controller - £250
-With original software CD and all the patch cables for the controller. Will be sad to see this go.

Juno 6 - £200
-With what I think is a CPU fault. All the voices, chorus etc.. is working fine. But the 4th note played doesn't seem to send a trigger. It's been a while since I had it on the bench but I think its only going to be any good to a better tech or someone with a Juno6/60 that needs parts.

Yamaha FB-01 £75
-A few scuffs, but full working order. Does nice FM Perc and weird sounds.

All offers will be considered, if some seem way off. (I haven't put much time into researching current prices)
I'd rather keep shipping to the UK, but I will look into shipping anywhere else.
Paypal only.
I'll be adding more stuff soon.

Cheers, Lem

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