Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

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Re: Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

Post by Barfunkel » Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:28 pm

steevio wrote:
Barfunkel wrote:
Well, I used to own a 999 and I never got a truly great kick out of it, no matter what I did. Could be just me though.
you cant assume that the 999 kick is anything like the mbase. Its not.

your description in the previous post does not describe the sound i get from my mbase at all.

i compared the mbase 01 with my TR909 kick through a big system at a gig recently, and the mbase won hands down, much more presence, much more energy, much less boomy, no idea what boinky is.
you have to program it right

and i dont process it at all.
I don't have first hand experience with the mBase but I occasionally listen to tunes my friend's produced, with kicks from the mbase. Most of the time I simply don't like them, the same way I didn't care much for my 999 kicks.

This could of course just be my own personal taste for kicks, not an objective observation (if such things even exist when it comes to music).

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Re: Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

Post by steevio » Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:52 pm

the mbase is not without its faults, but for me its more things like it should have an analgue fine tune control.
my friend had the 999 and i didnt like the kick sound on that either,

of course its a matter of taste, but the mbase can create a massive range of kick sounds, it can quite closely emulate both the 808 and 909, and way more besides.

i wouldnt base your opinion on a friends kicks, there are so many kicks you could get from it, that maybe his just werent that good.

its not perfect but for the money its a great way to get kicks in a live environment, i could choose loads of ways to get a kick, but ive found its the thing i go to first most of the time because it cuts through in the mix, especially as i use a lot of heavy subby bass in my tunes.

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Re: Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

Post by Robot Criminal » Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:51 pm

But which one, 01 or 11?
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Re: Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

Post by gowans » Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:38 pm

i have an xbase 09 and owned an mbase 11 - kicks i'd say are pretty much the same, mbase has a few more features. it is a great kick if programmed right but there's not enough presence in the mids for me at times. another great kick that i have been using a lot is the FXpansion Tremor 909 preset - really great kick for software. i'd recommend people to try it.

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Re: Drum machine for making heavy kicks?

Post by Rein » Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:58 am

well... i think the vermona drm1 (especially the mk3) is excellent for kicks.. they're to the point and not messy, so they fit in the mix very tight most of the time.

however.. with proper processing, you can punch a hole in the floor with just a tiny 606 kick as source... so i'd rather have an excellent compressor and a nice EQ than a one trick pony analog kick source..

of course, having both is best here haha

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