16th notes AUDIO only while triggering a sample in midi?

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16th notes AUDIO only while triggering a sample in midi?

Post by koen1978 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:12 pm

(this example is not about playing chords, but triggering a single sample through midi, i.e. a snare)

Hi there,

Maybe a strange title, but i didn't knew a better description ;)

Hopefully i can describe my question clearly so you guys understand what i mean:

If i play my keys on my midi keyboard i hear every hit i'm playing, after that i can adjust these notes and quantize them. I can also set the recording quantization to 16th note so all my hits will be quantized directly in the midi clip. Basically what i want is being able to set the audio i hear (while recording) also on these 16th notes only. So if i hit a key, Ableton will only let me hear the audio on the closest 16th note. (of course it's impossible to play tight like that ;) )

This option is working while you go through your sample library and the midi clip 'play function' is set on 16th bar (next to OVR). If i scroll through my sample library and hear a nice sample i can trigger/play it with my [-> cursor] on my computer keyboard. So if i jam along like that, while my track is playing, i only hear the 16th notes because ableton waits with playing the sample/audio till the first 16th note after hitting the cursor.

I need the same option on a midi channel. In stead of hitting my cursor and ableton waits to play the sample...i play a key on my midi keyboard, but every time i hit,....the audio i hear is tight and on 16th notes only.

Hopefully this option is available in ableton (or a way to manage this) and one of you guys can help me out! :)


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