Code Music in Colourfull Way

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Code Music in Colourfull Way

Post by V4W-ENKO » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:05 pm

The codes of generative music could play the key role of composition in music as well as a human can controll the codes of key.

Some notes about the computer music generated from a code:
Starting point is abstract - the end terminates saddenly.

The algorithmic music is only the fragment of time with no beginning and no end but with some borders when the speakers are turned on and off.

"In formation" - term could be used when the process of forming some structure is in process. “Information” is a sequence structure of symbols that can be interpreted as a message. Music could be a time sequence of sounds that can be interpreted as a composition. If the density of information is increased then the cells of time should work with a wider amount of data. If symbols of the sequence are constant then the algorithm of forming would be transformed. The evolution of the “formation” adopts the quality of the “information” ... xplosion-1

Some examples of flowing data of the information are represented in this two tracks. [both of them are generated from the abstract data movement and transformed in two different characters of the sound. Human plays the role of creator of the seed only. Only to make the athmosphere for sound to be grown by themself]

Track #1

Stochastic Everlasting:


In Formation - 04122520122237

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