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Re: Going analog

Post by steevio » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:53 am

Hades wrote: One should just find whatever works for you, and stick to it and build some experience. :idea:
lots of valid points in this thread, but this to me says it all.

i found how i needed to make music and then the flow came, its the same for us all in think.

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Re: Going analog

Post by lem » Fri Nov 16, 2012 2:11 am

Hades wrote:does Logic have a clip view ?
No, but it does have editable keyboard shortcuts, and a lot more features... But its not really a feature measuring contest.

I would definitely not say those four years were a complete waste and they certainly weren't all bunched up at the start while. In fact the complete opposite. I must have bought logic when I first got my mac, about 3 years(?) ago. Then I got Ableton about 18 months ago, but purely to use rewired etc... etc.. to Logic. Now I don't turn logic on at all...

For about 6 years I used cubase. It probably took me a year to begin to put things together that resembled tracks. (bear in mind I didn't have the internet back then). I started off with loads of plugins etc.. but over quite a few years I started using the arrange page like a big sampler.
I switched to mac because a good deal came up at work for a mac mini. I needed a new comp so I got it. Cubase (5 i think) was about £500 at the time, but logic (that was £700 when I first started producing) was £300. I watched some stuff on Logic and went for it. Then I spent about another year just trying to get to the same level I was at with Cubase.
Then did a similar thing with Ableton, only the arrange page and audio editing suck balls on it. So I had to learn a different way again.
I'm gonna sound really big headed but, I was good at this way before I switched DAW's or I wouldn't have shelled out £££ to try them. Switching DAW's certainly wasn't a big help.. It was a set back.

For me Cubase was the fastest I have ever been. A really complete feeling DAW.. Shame about the plugins.
Logic, was just confusing after spending so long on Cubase SX3. BUT, easily the best sounding plugins of any DAW. Hell I will even go as far as saying some of the best Plugins I have ever used!
Ableton... Plugins certainly better than cubase, not quite as special as logic. But then Max/msp integration, didn't think I would like it but I do.

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