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Re: Making Pads

Post by pete22 » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:06 pm

livecollective wrote:lots of ways to get that sound, you can:

with subtractive synthesis take 2 osc (both sine) pitch one down -5, low pass (or band pass with a slow lfo on the cutoff for some movement)... you can toss a super fast lfo on the cent of the osc to create that wurli/chorus's sound (depending on the synth or lfo you can set a small range so it stays osc between a few cents...)

or you could use any rhodes synth/patch/etc and low pass that play a chord and create a constant loop. Its really about the filter and fxs.

In terms of fx I would maybe add in some auto-filtered noise, crackle etc. You cant really go wrong with a couple of sines lowpassed... its that exact sound with maybe some of the low mids (~200hz scooped out)

If you are using an FM synth, like operator, make the first operator sine, make the second triangle, pitch in down to .5 then bring up the volume to taste. A quick lfo rate on the pitch mostly dry will give the movement and then again filter.

EDIT: upon another listen it sounds like a looped chord played on the rhodes that was sampled, i can hear some of the belly noise associated with that sound its been filtered tho.
Thanks for that sound advice will give that a try tonight :)

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