Macbook Pro 13" I7

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Re: Macbook Pro 13" I7

Post by Hades » Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:40 am

get the HD with 7200rpm instead of the standard one.
not sure which DAW you use, but if you happen to use Live, it takes a lot of data direct from the HD, so RAM and the fastest hard drive are basically the most important things to consider.
Plus I see it's only 50 euro's extra, so that's still acceptable.

I bought a macbook pro with a dualcore 2,6 Ghz processor, 7200rpm HD and maxed out the RAM from 2 to 4Gb a few months after I bought it.
I've had it for almost 5 years now, and it still works fine.
I do hook it up to a big 24inch monitor in the studio though.
I could never work on a 13 inch screen.

It surprises me that they're still at 2,6 Ghz. (Back then I had to pay quite a bit extra to get it,
but in the end I'm happy I did.)
Of course now they got quad processors instead of the dualcore I have.
But I'm a bit disappointed to see the prizes of macbook pro's go up again.
Untilll a few months ago, you could get normal macbook pro's a lot cheaper than what I paid for mine, and I was looking forward to upgrade some day for a lot less than before. Looks like that's impossible now.
Oh well, as long as they work like a charm, I'm willing to pay for it in the end...

You know what I really hate about macbook pro's ?
You gotta pay an extra 100 to get a "non-mirrored" screen.
(or whatever they call it in English, you know, that it doesn't reflect anything)
I hate those basic "reflective" screens, just a bit of sunlight on it and you can't see sh!t anymore, and they make you pay extra to avoid that ??? that's just wrong. it should just be an option you could choose for free.

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