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Cockos Reaper (DAW)

Post by optX » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:59 pm


Any Reaper users here? I`ve recently downloaded it and I am very impressed. It`s VERY complex as far as I can tell... that means it takes some time to know it in and out. Some very nice and useful functions included and lots of plugins (a lot Stillwell/Schwa stuff and much more). It`s`s behaviour and look is individually adjustable (but that`s something I can`t get my head around atm) what means you can define a workflow that fits your needs, e.g. having a layout for recording, another one for arranging or sounddesign and a third one just for mixing. You can work on a theme which is focused on editing/building a track and when you are ready for mixing you can change to another theme that looks totally different and maybe like a console and which is focused on mixing.

I don`t think it will replace Live for me but maybe Pro Tools :lol: looks and feels more efficient when thinking of recording than Pro Tools. But I can think of working with Reaper and Live via Rewire.

I am going to do a track just with Reaper asap so I know if I can benefit from it in any way.

So are here some guys producing with Reaper?

It`s not actually free, but you can download it for free (fully operative) and try it 30 days. That`s the evaluation time. After 30 days the evaluation time is over but the application remains fully operative but you are using it illegaly. That means the developers hope that people are honest and buy it anyway after trying it out. If not you can still use it.

Btw. the developer is the guy behind Nullsoft`s Winamp, a former AOL programmer.

Oh yeah, another functions which sounds very usefull is something like multirendering. You can set something like a renderingmarker anytime in your project. This means that the status of your project is saved (all parameters, clips, routings, plugins ... ). Then you can work on, tweak the knobs, do alternative mixes and save another rendering marker. You then can bounce the different states of you projects as alternative mixes. Sounds nice to me


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