Live Set Video - what happened to my last topic????

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Live Set Video - what happened to my last topic????

Post by lem » Sat May 12, 2012 5:14 pm

Hi Guys,

I don't know what happened to my last topic on my Live set. If I follow a saved link it just says "You do not have access to this forum"

Anyway, I know some of you guys wanted to hear some audio, so I have uploaded a video onto Youtube. Which now I think about it - is probably the worst way to show you how something sounds!! :oops: But I wanted to keep it 'Live' and think that it isn't as good just hearing audio on

The bass and chord sounds use 8 step sequencers I built using Ableton racks - the stepping functionality is made by a really shakey max4live device I made. It responds badly to automation and seems to slow down the pots on the BCR2000. PITA, trying to sort it out now...
Both chords and bass are made with abletons Analog plugin.

The percussion sounds are drumracks with one-shot samples driven by the monomodular devices from Aumhaa (which allow the launchpad to emulate a monome 64) I use Stretta's Tr256 for Kick n' Snare and Presscafe for the shuffle-hats.

To allow live recording of automation I used IAC busses to start with then it all got VERY complicated using Midipipe. I don't think I could even explain how it works. I just tried everything until it started working correctly - although again, its very dodgy sometimes all the automated pararmeters just zero.... It's getting there...slowly...

I think thats about it. I have only had it running for a few weeks so I am betting its going to evolve quite a lot over time.
I hope you enjoy or get some inspiration from it!

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