sampler-based minimal (Ensoniq ASR-X)

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sampler-based minimal (Ensoniq ASR-X)

Post by ZENMASTERDEAD » Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:55 pm

finally got a hardware solution! after many years of computer music making
got a loaded one w/ the scsi + 8outs + loaded ram (13min sample time)...

i was planning on loading some floppies with samples i make on the computer and sequencing that?
anyone use any machines like these?
it's kind of like somewhere between an MPC and groovebox in terms of interface

would be interested in general tips/tricks about sampler usage..

mnml maxi
mnml maxi
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Re: sampler-based minimal (Ensoniq ASR-X)

Post by AK » Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:17 am

Hi mate, single cycle waveforms is what you want when sample memory is short. I used to have a load in my old sampler, you just need to loop em. A cycle of a waveform is easy to see, it's where it comes back to repeat itself. When memory is short, you need to be doing this stuff.

I am a big fan of sampled waveforms co's they just maintain themselves.

Heres something interesting: Trim a C note sample to 337 samples and you get a C note again. You can do this with chords, single notes etc. Sample a sound, root it to a 'C', trim it to 337 samples and you have a cleverwaveform. Don't have time to go into now but hey........

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