Death Proof Recordings - REMIX COMPETITION

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Death Proof Recordings - REMIX COMPETITION

Post by blandf » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:15 pm


To celebrate our first year as a label we thought we’d set up a little treat for all you producers out there.

We want you to take on Hunter Vaughan’s - KRAKKEN, and when we say take on we mean remix the beast in any which way you feel fit. There are no genre boundaries so really let yourselves go.

The winning remix will feature on our soon to be released compilation and will join esteemed acts The Loops Of Fury, 10 Rapid, Hi! Population and The Omega Men in remixing our most special release, as it's where it all started... so not much of a challenge then?!

As some of you know by now we have a habit of not doing things by halves, so the lucky winner will also have an EP released on our label.


Listen to the original here:

Download the parts here:

Send your winning entry to here:

The Deadline is May 14th.

ANY style will be accepted.

Please do not give your remix as free download before the deadline, pretty self-explanatory that one, do so and we’d have to disqualify you.

One last thing, should you not be a producer, but know someone who you think may want to have a go at tearing this apart, please send this to them!!

We look forward to hearing your contribution, surprise us! Good luck to everyone!

Benj, Paul & Matthew

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mnml mmbr
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Re: Death Proof Recordings - REMIX COMPETITION

Post by eggnchips » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:05 pm

Never heard of the label, but I have a nice remix brewing for you.

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