How to create stems from a project (Third party Mix/Master)

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How to create stems from a project (Third party Mix/Master)

Post by devontodetroit » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:11 pm

Afternoon All!

I'm looking for advice on how to turn my ableton project into 'stems' for mixing and mastering, This is the first time I've ever sent my music away for a bit of treatment so its all new to me..

Do I basically record the whole project in seperate tracks for each drum sound or synth line?
Do I record dry with no compression?
Do I record my verb into seperate tracks?

Any help would be amazing, Or even links to a good guide would be great.


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Re: How to create stems from a project (Third party Mix/Mast

Post by Rein » Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:16 pm

depends on the mastering service... most of the time they have guidelines for this. just ask i guess.

group similar sounds (drums, percussions, stabs, fx). that way you don't have too much channels. best is to keep the kick and bass on separate channel. also, it's no problem to use compression on individual stems, as that's something you can also do when recording a stereo track for mastering. and a bit obvious one, check your starting points for recording, so that everything is nicely in place for the mastering engineer.

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