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Re: Headphone mix

Post by AK » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:29 pm

loictambay wrote:not sure if this is conventional or even correct...
I'd question anything if someone told me it was 'correct'. If it works it works, no two ways about it really.

I don't know what I do, I don't get these issues when using snares/claps. I like to make my own, or at least partially, I think that can help as you shape the envelope accordingly. When the kick has a big transient, I try to avoid anything similar on a snare or clap and also tend to pull it back a little before the kick with snap to grid turned off sometimes too. Of course choosing the right sounds helps a lot but if I'm using samples, this is usually one thing that I always compress. I like to use kicks with a prominant attack so a snare or clap doesn't really need it when sitting on top. A compressor inserted with no attack will stop the snare or claps transient from pushing through and you can shape the rest of the compression to bring it back to its normal level immediately after. You wont notice that the attack isn't really there because the kick has its attack coming through when they play together.

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Re: Headphone mix

Post by konzee » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:44 am

Just thought I might add-

The debate of mixing on head phones is funny. I have been producing with head phones for like a year and and a half, and then I bought some tannoy reveals, and the problem becomes opposite, what sounded awesome on my monitors sounded like complete sh!t in my head phones. The person on this forum who says some people swear by headphones makes a little sense to me now. But when they sound good on both you know your mix is solid. I recently had to move back home for a few months so it looks like I'm a head phone producer once again.

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