Would you buy a moog modular for $1000

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Re: Would you buy a moog modular for $1000

Post by hydrogen » Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:17 pm

i'm sure the person was bombarded with emails. hahah... anyways... story was that the womans husband died a year ago. this was his synthesizer and she was moving and had no idea what this thing was worth. $1000 for the first person to haul it out of the basement! too good to be true i guess... thanks for all the warnings, i live in a fairly small town here so they are mostly irrelevant.

I did like the suggestion of bringing a friend and waiting to bring the money to the spot though, although if you had a deal like that somebody with cash on hand might swipe it from you. For me its all about knowing your surroundings and you'll be fine anywhere you go.

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