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Re: modular etc etc

Post by gowans » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:31 am

nice one mate, what you gone for? im still wrapping my head around it all even months after getting the gear, stopped looking at some modules for a bit but back on it, got a cwejman vm-1, mfb seq-01, tiptop bd808, hats909 and sd808, looking at the Z8000 modulation sequencer i've probably dived in the deep end but i prefer to do that, looking to get a clock divider to pair with z8000, anybody working with that module care to explain how it would integrate into my existing? would its only use be modulating parameters like cutoff, pitch etc ? how would you get it to play a sequence of notes, im wanting to make some basslines with my VM-1 and at the moment im firing it from the trigger out of my seq-01 sequencer so I can only make basic stuff. some basic very beginner help would be appreciated from everyone.

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Re: modular etc etc

Post by metaBit » Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:45 pm

Hey modular heads!

I've just uploaded a new deep techno track to Soundcloud that I made almost entirely with my Eurorack. This is a (mostly) live recording of my fully patched 104hp, 12U system. The only sound that is not the modular is the arpeggio which is a Roland HS-60. All other sounds were sequenced live on the modular except for the perc sound which I did some edits on in Ableton.

The main bass sound is a Rubicon, SSF Positronic Transient Gate and an E440. Both hats start with a Quantum Rainbow then respectively to Make Noise Function and Optomix, and the Quadra and uVCA. Hats also go through Dual Delay, E580 and Aeverb. The perc sound is a Dixie, Function and Optomix. Drone sound is Shapeshifter through Z-DSP with Halls Of Valhalla cart. I used the Make Noise Pressure Points to create the breakdowns.

Every sound was output live from the modular into Ableton through an RME Fireface UFX for mixing (and attempt at mastering) in Ableton.

Hope you enjoy!

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Ed Nomi
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Re: modular etc etc

Post by Ed Nomi » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:22 pm

Good to see people are getting into modular synths, I started mine a couple of years ago and it got out of hand quite quickly.
So addictive, already have a Doepfer monster base and Doepfer monster 9u case full of stuff.
On my blog I have some kind of diary about the modular synth I'm building, it needs an update and some more pictures though

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Re: modular etc etc

Post by CBK » Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:40 am

Hi I'm new to the forum thought I would share some modular work that I have done. Everything has been done on a 15U Eurorack setup, and analog drum machines. The euro setup is a mixture of manufactured, and DIY modules. One is a live set, and the other was recorded on to hard disk, and the sequenced. Every sound is 100% analog with the exception of using a computer. Comments and constructive criticism is welcome. ... lgj4pkmhxA

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