Vinyl Manufacturing Question.

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Vinyl Manufacturing Question.

Post by devontodetroit » Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:38 pm

Hi guys,

I'm looking to launch my label early in the new year and the plan is to be a net label, giving a large amount of content for free download/donations but I do want to do VERY limited runs of vinyl.. Were talking 20-30 copies sold on Bandcamp.. Maybe eBay.

So i'm looking for suggestions on Vinyl pressing services that'd be able to do a small run like that without too much fuss, Cheap would be good too but I wont compromise on the product.

Any help is appreciated !


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Re: Vinyl Manufacturing Question.

Post by steevio » Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:17 pm

the problem is that it costs almost as much to press 20 as to press 200.
most of the cost of vinyl is in the mastering/cutting/metalwork/set-up/ label origination/ printing costs.

the vinyl itself is only around 50p per disc.

its not really worth pressing less than 300 copies.

the pressing plant i use will press any number you want, but its very high quality and not the cheapest ;

it will probably cost you around £600 for everything except the actual vinyl, so if you pressed 20 copies it would cost you about £610 (but thats not including the printed labels, this is for white labels). in a disco bag (which is a thin black or white sleeve)

so you would have to add the costs of label printing if you wanted more than white labels, which you would have to get done seperately at a printers. (i guess about £125)

of course you could get everything done by a specialist company that does package deals, it will probably be pressed out in eastern europe on poor quality vinyl, but this is the cheapest way to do it...i cant help you there, but i'm sure theres other guys on here who have info on this.

edit. i'll get some accurate figures for you as i'm getting a record pressed next week.

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Re: Vinyl Manufacturing Question.

Post by Roual » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:24 pm

try Steve - Liz Edwards partner (ex swag no eds records, brixton) - he's got a press that he's cutting low numbers of

it's one of the hand presses that's designed for low runs - she told me that he'd do per order if needed ... 8496113237

hit me up if you need any other information

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