live sync'd with mc 505

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live sync'd with mc 505

Post by mson » Fri Oct 28, 2011 6:09 pm

hi guys, love this board since long time but i didn t find any answers for my troubles this time.

i would like to sync live with my groovebox but i did not manage it.
here are my tweaks :

mc505 :
sequencer int (master)
sync out : on
midi out

audio card
midi in

audio in sound card sync on
midi clock
ext sync enabled

when i launch the groovebox nothing happens in live except i can hear the audio but the record button from a clip doesn t want to be enabled (still a square and not the red circle)

Any ideas ??

i managed to sync two groovebox together but not hardware and software together so i imagine i have to change some options into live.

thanks a lot !


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