what is everyone making these days?

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Post by mehta » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:13 pm

most recently I was doing drum tracks/effects with a trio. two singer/synth gals wrote the tunes & lyrics. 90 - 126bpm overall, but mostly 110 - 120. we also played a couple sets doing purely ambient stuff. was great fun to collaborate with people again after a while of working mostly on my own!

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Post by boomstick » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:32 am

anything. nothing. im having trouble sticking with things, and i enjoy listening to and making varieties of music.
and big ups for doing garage/uk funky stuff tony i really dig it
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Post by Gill » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:21 pm

Opuswerk wrote:still aiming at nailing the minimal-techno or minimal-house sound.

That's not easy though, but i think i've finally managed to move out of over complex melodies ala border community...
I'll say, I love the sound of your more recent releases.

As for me, I'm still trying to pull away from my border community/backhome/klangwelt obsession. I call some of that stuff 'techno rock', like tobar etc.

Lateley I've been wanting to achieve a more simple and minimal sound, but more organic; and not cliched. I've been listening to lots of archipel.

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Luis Isaac
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Post by Luis Isaac » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:27 am

I never plan a track from the begining. I just sit and play until it progresses. I don't know why, but the time i take to finnish a track is so long so that at the end I make tracks easy to listen and confortable. So I am making atmospheric house with glitchy sounds, just to dream

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Post by PsyTox » Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:28 pm

pff, hard to say, making anything that is 'inspiration of the day'... Have been making much more housey and dub things, although the odd minimal track can pop up too. And working on some dubstep too.

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Post by tone-def » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:09 pm

boomstick wrote: and big ups for doing garage/uk funky stuff tony i really dig it
i've always just made techno, house and a little IDM/hip hop every once in a while. i think i've been restricting myself to much and now it's time to let my creativity loose. i think the restrictions of house beats have helped develop my understanding of melody and harmony as i needed to explore something when my beats and bassline style house came to a halt. it's now time to explore rhythm again.

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Post by livecollective » Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:02 pm

I couldn't classify a lot of the newer stuff I produce.

some dub, some jazz, some african high-life, some uk funky, some idm, field recordings... anything and everything.

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Post by Spurn » Tue Oct 05, 2010 12:29 pm

crap :?

still so new to all of this, its hard for me to put together stuff even i like. but i understand its a learning process and having no musical background whatsoever i also acknowledge theres a huge learning curve.

the last few tracks ive worked on are all a bit different from each other. i even end up making different tracks that branch off of others and kind of evolve into completely different ideas. my most recent affair which ive been working on the last 2-3 days is kind of like minimal-techno-dubstep. i think i'll end up putting it on the shelf to collect dust. ive been feeling like the track itself is just as indecisive about what it wants to be as i am myself. heh...

as someone who's only been djing for 2-3 yrs and producing for about 1 and a half now im still trying to hone in on what exactly is my style, my sound. when i started out it used to be very tech housey with a lot of latin feel and influence. i think thats what was really hot at the time and its not that i was jumping on what was hot, it was just what i liked ( i am latin after all :P ) but now i see my tastes moving more towards stripped back techno / minimal and more kind of broken housy-er fair. i dont know if that makes sense. i dont mean broken beat i mean like sad chords, deep house but more on the techy side.

having said all that i do however have a track i finished a bit ago that ive been meaning to share with you guys on this board. i know this isnt rly the place to do this but i hope you wont mind :oops:


id really like some feedback. i think i need to fix the bassline a bit i dunno i mightve put it too low in the mix. i'll also post this in the members thread for those who would rather me go through the proper channels. i havent been on these boards much since i was laid off a few months ago. i used to surf here at work all day everyday but since i have so much free time now i thought it better to learn by doing instead of reading.

the track is i guess kind of minimal with a bit of a more experimental electronica feel. im also getting heavily into genre blending electronic music, stuff like caribou and mount kimbie. i kind of abhor dubstep but really enojy mount kimbie, lol. anyway hope you like it.

ok i'll shut up now (-)

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