Gaiser's LIVE ACT ! How ?

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Josie K
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Post by Josie K » Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:52 pm

I don't think follow actions are very useful. Of course they are nice if you just want to trigger a break and then automatically go back to the track, but I always thought that it is weird that you have to define the amount of bars until this happenes instead of just having some kind of event driven follow action. I think it would be very nice if a follow action could be started when stopping a clip, but from what I understand this is not possible.
Maybe I'm just ignorant, but every time I'm fooling around with that feature I'm certainly fascinated, but can't really find a meaningful use for it.
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Post by isaaclevy » Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:01 pm

Holva wrote:
isaaclevy wrote:ok thanks a lot all you guys..
I would seriously start experimenting with follow actions. They allow you to program your sets to a certain extent while still allowing you to improv. and go with the moment.

or you could just use turntables. thats never failed for me. much more exciting too IMO.
I do DJ..and of course it is exiting....but live PA is calling my attention now, and i find it exiting as well...totaly diferent but still looks exiting....

i will take a look at those follow actions...


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Re: Gaiser's LIVE ACT ! How ?

Post by plastik » Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:38 pm

Kilevox wrote:
Do you have any idea ?

I know for sure gaiser launches both single clips and whole scenes according to what tune he's playing. if you look at his laptop screen, you either see one clip or several clips played horizontally.
he then uses knobs to add effects and faders to adjust volumes.
plus, and this really left me wondering, he sends all the music into only one channel of the mixer through an echo audiofire2. :shock:

josie k summed it up perfectly: ableton allows you to launch either clips consisting of a song (or a loop) or scenes made of multiple clips.

when I saw gaiser at tenax, he started his live set launching his own remix of the dubfire/huntemann song dios. I mean, he launched the single song which was contained into one clip slot.

I personally find the uc-33 the best controller for ableton live. I love to do everything with ableton live (even the infamous internal eq three works great for me!) even though I must admit that routing 4 ableton tracks into the external mixer 4 channels sounds super.

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