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Post by plaster » Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:40 am

ur missing my point. i wouldn't mind if we had more practical topics than those mentioned. it's okay if someone asks a smart question, but some of them are really funny. i mean, how can you expect from someone to tell you which is the best application for making techno or how to make a minimal bassline. it's just lazy. k, tell me, how would you explain arrangement to someone who has a problem with it? do you think that method can be really easy to explain unless you alone dive into it. no, i don't think so. the same goes with applications. that's what i'm trying to point out...people should stop being lazy, conunting on others to explain everything, while they could be sitting in front of the pc and having fun. i know it sucks to get familliar with a new program, but it only takes a few hours to understand it. cmon, being elitist is the least i want here.
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Post by digitalbunny » Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:54 am

As far as i'm concerned no question is a stupid question.
People come asking these questions (frequently) because they don't have the depth of knowledge or the 'time behind the wheel' that others have had. People just want some guidance and hear it explained from someone elses point just to make sure they are on the right track.
Whilst some questions may sound stupid to you, i'm sure they're not to the person asking them, for instance "what is the best program to make techno?"... for someone that has had no prior experience and isn't aware of all the programs around (or is overwhelmed by the choice) i think its a pretty valid question mate. You may say "why don't they go and do their own research etc etc etc" but isn't asking questions of peers the beginning of researching?
plaster wrote:i wouldn't mind if we had more practical topics than those mentioned. it's okay if someone asks a smart question, but some of them are really funny
plaster wrote:cmon, being elitist is the least i want here.
Like i said... they may be funny or stupid to you, but the person asking is asking for a reason. If you don't want an elitist culture here then maybe take a step back and rethink your position... because from what i've seen it's a pretty elitist area of the forum.

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Post by fl0w » Thu Jan 25, 2007 8:20 am

ignorance is different from stupidity.

Let's take an example: someone has been playing for a while with FL or whatever and discovers compressors. He (or she, of course) can spend some time googling about compression. He can also just ask which compressor do you like best? how do use it? etc. Then the topic grows and people share their ideas and experience. Ducking, multi-band compression etc. appear and everybody takes benefit from the topic.

At least people who aks are people who want to learn.

I understand someone who doesn't have a single clue can ask things like "how can i improve my production skills?", the kind of question that make you feel helpless ^^ but it's not stupid and it doesn't necessarily imply laziness.

Anyway we all know a computer will not write tracks for you ;)
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Post by caemgen » Thu Jan 25, 2007 9:31 pm

A lot of the times users who start out making tracks post questions and the way they put the question, you can see that they have not performed one search on the forum about the topic they are asking about. I can imagine that can be irritating to some. It can give the impression that those users are not willing to put some effort in it. Possibly so, but maybe it's best to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes people don't know how to search properly or where to start. Starting out can be a tough process, I know I have been there...

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Re: newbie music enthousiasts

Post by provaznik » Fri Jan 26, 2007 2:43 am

plaster wrote:i would like to point out on a bit of an issue going around these corners of the board which is a lack of understanding or actually self exploration of possibillities. before you decide to post silly topics like, how to make a minimal bassline, minimal drumkit or what software is the best for techno. please be advised...any instrument, drumkit or software has it's own advantages and disadvantages, but it all comes down to our own ability to give that magic touch. forthermore...the best sounding drumkits come off multilayered parts, so don't expect to make a kickass drum or hihat with just one sample. as the basslines go, listen to alot of music, try to emulate. it could help you improove your skills. afterall, some of us started off alone with noone to ask about ableton or compression or how to make a good bassline. it comes down to your own imagination and skills. please don't expect to get wiser after your topic had 4 pages with all kind of ideas. i'm not saying those ideas are bad, just that you use your own head. stop for a minute and think what can you do. the magic comes when you sit down with yourself and explore. i believe that's the best possible way for you to understand alot of principles in music. when you have someone else explaning the tricks it's not that fun as you discover them alone. so i'll say this once again...please be patient with yourself, know that music making doesn't come thru night, but thru years and years of exploring, hard work and failure. yes, as richie once said in future music interview. some of the best results come as failure. learn on your'll never know what good can come off them. k, that's all from me...i hope this little rant or whatever can/will reduce such topics for a while. thank you.
1. everyone asks stupid questions everyonce in a while.
2. they are usually done out of wanting to learn. so be kind to those that don't know. they are trying to find things out for themselves just as everyone else does.
3. yes experimentation is key. but so is starting out with some fundamentals. you have to have a very good understanding of the box before you can attempt to see which areas can be manipulated, bent or broken.
4. that would kind of remove part of the point of this sub forum. if all we did was accept high tech questions and scoffed at those in their infant stages of production for asking questions then this would be a very unwelcoming place. you don't want that do you?

i am sure that in the days of anyone's n00bdom they managed to rub a few of veterans the wrong way. but it's kind of like when you were a kid. remember asking your parents wierd and/ or stupid question after question?
be patient they too will reach a point where they no longer need to ask the same type questions as they do now. i have already seen some people here go from asking questions like the classic, "what is the best sequencer for minimal?", to asking more complex questions about things like compression vs. dynamincs etc.
go easy on them man not everyone learns the same way.
i am not pointing fingers here but no one here however seasoned or wet behind the ears is too good to answer a question. sometimes it is those that understand the framework and the limitations of electronic music, withing which we all work, that can give you the best ideas, and make the most thought provoking statements. for instance i enjoy nothing more than playing a game of chess with a person that knows nothing about logic and reasoning within the game. often time i learn the most from them as they bring forth new concepts, some good some bad, but always thought provoking. confucius would say "let everything be your teacher".

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Post by d-rokc » Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:49 am

i even like it cuz most of the times its a good laugh.

im having my coffee, i go to *enter-random-audio-forum-here* and what i see is 'How do i make a Timo Maas bass?' or 'Does someone can tell me the compression settings for Electro House'. right on.

as if it aint already funny enough, next thing i see while im still l.m.a.o. is someone even answers the guy! and what would you think it is, some pro maybe showing the way to the rookie? no, its a guy telling the compression settings, in a very serious tone too. :lol: aint that a baby.

ok i guess im not kinda 'tuned' to the topic :oops:
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Post by harass » Fri Jan 26, 2007 10:55 am

If everyone is interested, we could work on general FAQ just to clear everything up and make it a sticky.

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Post by hydrogen » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:44 pm

harass wrote:If everyone is interested, we could work on general FAQ just to clear everything up and make it a sticky.
Thats sort of I was going for with the compression? thread. After I realized that there were several posts about the subject and needed to search for them.

Maybe we should avoid doing that to prevent people from easy access to the most knowledgeable minimal genius's... :wink:

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