realtime online collaboration methods?

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Post by augen_de.seim » Mon Mar 21, 2005 1:51 am

plaster wrote:just like adam said!

i'm working with one friend and we do it starts with a 2 bar loop and bounce it to another,then someone makes the initial arrangement untill bar 80...bounce it back,chat about what could we improove and stuff like that.
it's not hard working unless the two of you click the right way.

good luck

yeah, that's what we are doing at this stage which is working!

i'm also thinking toward the mixing stages. which it would annoying to bounce the track, send it, have him listen, and then supply me with feedback. that's the way it's always worked in the world of mixing for the longest time; where you have a mixing engineer at a studio and the producer in another country (for example)... send files to the producer or have them listen over the phone!

i was just thinking of ways that this could be improved upon. i think the realtime internet radio idea is probably the best... if i were to just set up a quick radio server (oggcast, shoutcast, etc.) and have the collab. partner listing on the other end as i make mixing moves.... then text chat with aim or whatever back and forth. i think that would be pretty slick. :P

anyways. thanks for the help! it's much appreciated!!!!
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