Maximizing the volume in Reason 2.5?

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reason is awesome your skills may not be

Post by johnathon doe » Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:55 am

Put a compressor as your last piece before you go out....
then put a vocoder and put it in eq mode with 512 band and play with it (i like to use a sine wave shape with humps almost at the far left and starting on the right).

-------_____------- like so.... with the highs just above 0db and the lows a bit below 0db

add your this as your basic starter file.

use a rv7000 as an aux send and add a bit of it to each sound.

every track i've put out of reason is of good quality...because i took time to play with it. i highly recomment studying some of the books out on this program..or even the manual.

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