Sanmi [Japan]

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Sanmi [Japan]

Post by V4W-ENKO » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:34 pm

SANMI: Japan based experimentalist Kyo Yanagi describes his alter ego as an experimental unit since 1998. He uses algorithmic and
process based electronic composition techniques, creating textures which fluctuate from warm and delicate to visceral and abrasive.
Link: ... =5&lang=en


Current release:

Sanmi - "Dx_F" - OUT NOW at FF`Space - encounter of dance music and passionate free jazz

FF`Space, CDr, Audio, Digital Download, EP
This work's first aim is encounter of dance music and passionate free jazz. Algorithm made it possible improvisation by computer with softwares. Second aim is rich feeling of speed which is based on the relative subjectivity. This is different from just high BPM. Third aim is adrenergic experience and story leading to a calm mind at last via whole EP. This work dedicate to a great saxophonist Kaoru Abe...Sanmi"
TRACKLIST: 1. F_d1 [04:02]. 2. F_d2 [02:25]. 3. F_d3 [05:11]. 4. F_d5 [02:45]. 5. X_d5 [05:14]. ## Total: [19:38] * 5tracks


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