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Sourge / Nu Media

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Beginnings as Backlash!…
Young, full of energy, creative, talented – these are only several adjectives to describe him. As for today, he’s not only a dj, but also a producer who’s becoming appreciated by a large group of people. The beginnings, however, were tough – his first sounds were to listened to in the underground clubs of Poznań. He used to refer to himself as an underground artist and he still keeps doing so. But it was not enough, he wanted something more…

Producer, composer, risk-taker…

Playing music became boring to him, he wanted to create by himself, to mix. He took up the cooperation with experienced artists, immersing in the secrets of composition and sounds arrangement. He soon became appreciated and entered into cooperation with a Poznań record label – Tanztone. As he says, he creates music by drawing the inspiration from the surrounding world, emotions and moments he’s living, he tries to present his own unique style and vision.


Never say never!

He’s been trying to find his place in the world of vinyl records and electronic mixes since 2008, but it took him years to understand its mechanisms and to discover that this world is his destiny. Nowadays, he gives a lot of his attention and heart to music which is like a drug to Robert. It is due to his determination and hard work that we may now listen to his music and sets in the clubs and prestigious podcasts.

New love, new name…

Robert’s been changing along with his music. He added a little bit of acidic overtone to the sweet club house… The inexperienced, fresh and lost Backlash! is gone… from now on Sourge – self-confident, talented, appreciated. He can’t exactly explain the etymology of his new alias, he laughs that it’s a wordplay. The time for love has also come. But not for any love, ‘cause it’s love for classics. Vinyl records – his dream is to release his solo projects by means of this medium. His sets are inspired by the atmosphere of disco, minimal and techno. He selects his record collection thoroughly and expands it successively. He likes vocals and twisted melodies, it doesn’t matter for him whether the song is new or dug up from the 90’s. The important thing is people have to react to it. He works out his unique, characteristic style which will allow him to leave a permanent mark on the club music.

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