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Applescal, born in '87. Released two albums at the age of 22 and several of records on Traum Schallplatten and the infamous imprint Manual Music. Remixed artists like Extrawelt, Ricardo Tobar and Nick Warren. Won 'De Grote Prijs Van Nederland' as Dutch upcoming producer of the year, 2008. Licensed a track for Universal's CSI in 2010. Contributor on since 2011.




A Mishmash of Changing moods [Traum, 2010]
A Slave's Commitment [Traum, 2009]


5 Songs, a Pizza and some Marshmellows please EP [Manual, 2011]
Welcome to the woods EP [Traum, 2010]
An Old Fellowship EP [Manual, 2010]
Paul for President EP [Traum, 2009]
Running Rhino EP [Deep Records, 2009]
Brown Shoes / Modulate at Last EP [Deep Records, 2008]
Joey's Mouse EP [Groovecollection, 2008]
Untitled Addict Ep [Manual, 2007]


Max Cooper - Echoes Reality (Applescal Remix) [Traum, 2011]
Arjuna Schiks - Hua Hun (Applescal Remix) [Wolfskuil, 2011]
Moonbeam - Motus (Applescal Remix) [Traum, 2011]
Pien Feith - I Have Done Nothing (Applescal Remix) [V2, 2011]
Lanny May - Chunky Cheep Song (Applescal's Potatoes Mix) [Loki, 2011]
Morris Cowan - Desire Line (Applescal Remix) [Zaubernuss, 2011]
Nick Warren - Buenos Aires (Applescal Remix) [Hope Recordings, 2011]
Matthys - Happy Blackmail (Applescal Remix) [Cinematique, 2010]
Gabriel Cazali - Solo Seduce (Applescal Remix) [A Must Have, 2010]
Ricardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Esta Liena De Cosas (Applescal Remix) [Traum, 2009]
Extrawelt - Deine Beine (Applescal Remix) [Traum, 2009]
Russian Linesman - Annexia (Applescal Remix) [Manual, 2009]
Anthony Pappa - Outback (Applescal Remix) [Red Light District, 2008]
Eelke Kleijn - Lost and Confused (Applescal Remix) [Groove Collection, 2008]
Andrew Technique - Meant to be (Applescal Remix) [Basic Energy, 2008]

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