Simple Man - Trip (2010) - free psy minimal from Hungary

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Simple Man
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Simple Man - Trip (2010) - free psy minimal from Hungary

Post by Simple Man » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:33 pm

Simple Man: special, unique, psychedelic music from Hungary. Files are free, you can easily download every track from Simple Man’s official site.
Are you interested in futuristic worlds, stars, galaxies, black holes, pulsars, mysteries? Would you like to be the part of a marvellous „trip” and fly to a far, unknown place?

Simple Man – psychedelic music from Hungary

Trip (album) – 2010.
The album contains 10 psychedelic songs and „chillout sounds” unite them to one whole music.

You can download Trip from this link:

Foretaste on Simple Man’s Channel:

"I was born in 1986 in Hungary. I'm a programmer, I like music, nights, movies, books, trees, rivers, animals, stars, galaxies, black holes. I like the "trips"... And funny, interesting friends, mates are really important parts of my life, too. I hate wars, punishment. compulsion. Endless peace is the best thing in the world. I am not an idiot, a selfish, or a bad man. I'm a Simple Man."

A simple man is simple, because he/she knows this secret: we don't have to wear expensive clothes, spend our money, follow the world's "empty" people, habits. We have to be clever, have to know more and more from our wonderful world. We have to find myself.

„My music is free. I would like to share my oppinions and thinking with you. Electronic music can be really special and I can show my special emotions to you in this language.”

Thank you!
Simple Man - psychedelic minimal music from Hungary - free download -

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