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Andrea Angiolelli a.k.a “booPhases” or, a.k.a. , “m_Patcher” was borne in Bari, Italy. His way to approach the audio field mostly reflects all his travels and experience along his digital life, leaving Italy @ the age of 17. In fact, many influences in music would guide booPhases to torcing, rewiring and sampling the surrounding. The music that he gathers has always some noisy, crackle ingredients but can change in structure. Normally, certain audio events would leave you hang up for something to happened. His composition are not just loops and not so static, pointing to a chaotic equilibrium. However, his tracks always present a compact groove formed by tight “side chains”. Each track borne tells all new story sometimes pleasant, sometimes not.
Lately , booPhases has endure his own label " Passakaglia" welcoming great artist such as " Pheek " to take control on remix : Stay tuned for more goodies !

Boophases previous work have been publish on:

Passakaglia ,Quadrant recordings,Productosbmm, Act72, Kique, WunderKammer recordings.

Supported by artist alike :

Akiko Akiyama (Lick My deck-Archipel)-Paulice (Miniatura)-Cesare vs Disorder (Serialism-Mean)-Rico Casazza (Sustain/release -Archipel)-Tilman Schwarz(Klamauk)-storlon (Unoiki-Numbolic) -Jesse Voltaire (Archipel)-Andres Marcos (multivitamin-Unoiki)-Franck valat (Shoene Muzik)-Display FM (Numbolic)-Jason Glanville (Multavitamins records) Ronald van Norden- Sven Laux (Archipel-offtopic), Kabuto&koji , Sasha Carassi, Ludovic Vendi (Sonat recordings) I-Rob,Dr.Nojoke (Archipel), D_Low, Carsten Rausch, Kane Roth (Archipel,Lezissmore,Multavitamins,Phonotec Karl Simon , Heron (limikola), DoubtingThomas (Metroline , Twocircles) Tony Verdi, Anderson Noise, Axel Bartsch ,Fatima Hajji, M.O.D.E., V.Rotz, Jano Sound, Galuska, Luixmi ,Ronald van Norden (Eminor , kaseta music,Tracer) and many more!

Links:!/pag ... 756?v=wall

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