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Monocline Records
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Post by Monocline Records » Wed Feb 17, 2010 12:34 am



After some experiences in other electronic music projects, José Diogo Correia and Hélder Vasconcelos in 2006 began a new music concept that they called "Re:Axis", which follows the line of previous work but now on a 4/4 rhythmic perspective. In 2007 the duo released their firsts eps on independent digital labels but it was in beginning of 2008 that they won some recognition with the release of EP "Outsider" in the London label, Piso Records.
The track "Outsider" was selected by the international DJ Steve Lawler for their annual compilation "Viva Toronto”. It also was with this release that Re:axis made their first appearance in Beatport Top downloads reaching the top 20 in the Minimal Techno genre. After the recognition obtained in this edition, Re:Axis were asked to produce a new EP to the respected Berlin label Autist Records. After that their music started to be included in playlists of top DJs such as Richie Hawtin ( "Take Me There"). In Mid-2008 driven by trends in digital markets formed his own label, Monocline Records. The independent label has allowed the project to shape its presence on the world of dance music through the sound identity outlined along the 15 editions held. In February 2009, the project released their second record on Autist Records entitled "Random Box”. The release was referenced in the top digital stores for weeks reaching a record sales of 700 downloads in the first month. Throughout 2009 the duo was asked to remix artists such as Miro Pajic, Psyk, among others, in labels like Lazerslut, FVF Records, Sleaze, etc ... In parallel with their production, Re:Axis in live act format with their own productions has been performing regularly in clubs. It was also in 2009 that "Return EP" was released in the prestigious Soniculture label. The duo are currently working on their first album of new material that will be available in October 2009 .The Album called “Everything its Going to be Amazing ” will show a new perspective on the music concept of the project.


Re:Axis | Physical Structure EP - (Eklero Records) 2007
Re:Axis | Concrete EP - (32 bit Records) 2007
Re:Axis | Axis EP - (Recycle Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Outsider EP - (Piso Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Archetype EP - (Autist) 2008
Re:Axis | Phase One EP - (Monocline Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Flip Flop Toys 12'' - (Sammeplatz Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Arround You EP - (Piso Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Warm Line EP - (Monoclline Records) 2008
Re:Axis | Drop the weapons and shields EP - (Malatoid Records) 2009
Re:Axis | Random Box EP - (Autist Records) 2009
Re:Axis | Little Bugs EP - (Eklero Records) 2009
Re:Axis | FlashBack EP - (Monocline Records) 2009
Re:Axis | Return EP - (Soniculture Label) 2009
Re:Axis | Everything Is Going To Be Amazing - Album - (Monocline Records) 2009

Track Appears on:

Steve Lawler | Viva Toronto (Renaissance) CD 2008
V/A | Freak Show Vol.3 (Autist) Album 2008
V/A | Piso Bite Vol.3 (Piso Records) 2008
V/A | Piso Bite Vol.4 (Piso Records) 2008
V/A | Freak Show Vol.4 (Autist Records) 2008
V/A | Addictive Beats (Piso records) 2008
DanceClub | Sessios01 (Soniculture) CD 2008
V/A | Freak Show Vol.4 (Autist Records) 2008
V/A | The Christmas Date - (Monocline Records) 2008
V/A | Autist 100 - (Autist Records) 2009
V/A | Structures That Belongs To One - (Monocline Records) 2009
V/A | Minimal to Maximal Vol 3 (Sk Supreme) 2009
V/A | Machines Are Ready 2 (DanceClub) 2009


Karo | Partisan (Re:Axis Remix) (Piso Records) 2008
Misha Twins | All Square But One (Re:Axis Remix) (Piso Records) 2008
Federico Milani | Sparkling (Re:Axis Remix) (SK Supreme Records) 2009
Seismal D. | Distress (Re:Axis Remix) (Autist Records) 2009
Miro Pajic | Forgotten Words (Re:Axis Remix) (Lazerslut) 2009
Alexx Wolfe | Fear Nothing ft Woman in panic (Re:Axis Remix) (FVF Records) 2009
Recycled | Wrong Profile (Re:Axis Remix) (Piso Records) 2009
Psyk | Quimic (Re:Axis Remix) (Sleaze Records) 2009
Dope Kids | Drunk Noon (Re:Axis Rework) (Monocline Records) 2009
Dee Green (aka FDK)| Ka (Re:Axis Remix) (Prosthetic Pressings) 2009
Alexx Wolfe | Future Will Come (Re:Axis Remix) (Sui Generiz) 2009
Miss Sunshine | Hush! (Re:Axis Remix) (Monocline Records) 2009
QiK | Siempre (Re:Axis Remix) (Monocline Records) 2009
WireTap | What Kind Of Freak (Re:Axis Remix) (Transmissions Records) 2010
Billy Dalessandro | Inebriate (Re:Axis Remix) 12'' (Soniculture) 2010



mike wall
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Post by mike wall » Wed Mar 03, 2010 8:21 am

Re:Axis is super!

If PAcmAN hAd Affected mIke As A kId
he’d be rUNNINg AroUNd IN dArk rooms,
mUNchINg PIlls ANd lIsteNINg to
rePetItIve mUsIc...


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Post by Daegon » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:31 am

You guys rock! Love the sounds on Monocline aswell.

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Post by electric_flower » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:50 pm

much respect to these guys!

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Berk Offset
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Post by Berk Offset » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:59 am

really great guys...
esp. their album gave me a lot!

Acid Brownies
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Post by Acid Brownies » Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:41 pm

pfff, monocline is a eminence!! I like all of monocline.

ferme (re:axis fameless rmx) from genesa.- It's a BOMB

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Re: Re:Axis

Post by Recycle_Rec » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:06 pm

Great producers

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