Matthew Dear

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Matthew Dear

Post by Vicster » Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:01 am

This guy is one of my favourites, I highly recommend you see him live.
Enjoy x.

Texas-born, Detroit-based Matthew Dear has made remarkable steps toward becoming one of America’s best new techno artists. Between his stunning live performances and evolved DJ sets, Matthew has perked the ears of the industry’s best. His debut album under his birth name, Leave Luck to Heaven, was released in winter 2003-04 on Spectral Sound/Ghostly International, having garnered positive reviews in such publications as Rolling Stone, Spin, NME, and the NY Times and remaining on the CMJ RPM chart for over 13 weeks. Additionally, Dear has recorded for both Plus 8 (as False) and Perlon (as Jabberjaw), in addition to his work for Ghostly International, including 2003’s EP1 and EP2. Summer 2004 will include extensive European and U.S. tour and festival dates, as well as the release of an EP on Spectral under the name Audion and a new mini-LP, Backstroke.

Irreparably Dented (12") Spectral Sound
Dog Days (12") Spectral Sound
EP1 (12") Spectral Sound
EP2 (12") Spectral Sound
Leave Luck To Heaven (2x12") Spectral Sound
Leave Luck To Heaven (CD) Spectral Sound
Anger Management (12") Spectral Sound
Backstroke (CD) Spectral Sound
Backstroke (LP) Spectral Sound
A Walk In The Park (12") A Walk In The Park (Pa... Minus
Bout Ready To Jak-Remixes (12") Bout Ready To Jak (Mat... Spectral Sound
Clockwise EP (Remixes) (CD) Clockwise (Matthew Dea... Shitkatapult
Flat Remixes (12") Flat For You (M. Dear ... Ghostly International
Monobox Rmxs Vol. 2 (12") Trade (Matthew Dear Mix) Logistic Records
Tracks Appear On:
Hands Up For Detroit (12") Hands Up for Detroit, ... Ghostly International
Stealing Moves (12") Stealing Moves Spectral Sound
André Galluzzi - Im Garten (CD) Stealing Moves (John S... Taksi
Idol Tryouts : Ghostly International Vol. 1 (2x12") Some New Depression Ghostly International
Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International, Vol. 1 (CD) Some New Depression Ghostly International
Mutek 03 (CD) We Came by Train Mutek_Rec Records
State Of The Union EP (12") Plinko Spectral Sound
Wax Sessions II (CD) Lakonic SonarMusic
Fabric 15 (House Radio Mix) (CD) Reason And Responsibility Fabric (London)
The Wire Tapper 11 (CD) Tide Wire Magazine
Trax Sampler 072 (CD) Reason And Responsability Trax Sampler
U60311 Compilation Techno Division Vol. 4 (2xCD) Lakonic V2 Records, Inc.

As False[img]
.Wav Pool (12") Plus 8
Warsaw Bread (12") Plus 8
Beginner's Luck / You Wouldn't (12") Plus 8
False (CD) Plus 8
Sink The Ship (12") Minus
Tracks Appear On:
Taka Taka (CD) You Wouldn't Cocoon Recordings

False is the brainchild of Matthew Dear. 3 EP's are scheduled for release on PLUS 8 by the end of the year under the False monniker. clicky, sharp, minimal, dancefloor bliss from this up and coming talent out of ann arbor, mi.

As Jabberjaw
Girlfriend (12") Perlon
Tracks Appear On:
Superlongevity 3 (CD) Maybe This Ain't Right Perlon
Superlongevity 3 (3x12") Maybe This Ain't Right Perlon
Taka Taka (CD) I Speak For Some Of That Cocoon Recordings


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Post by Leander_Techno » Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:06 am

Saw him Live about two months ago.. Amazing!!
Creative use of technology is a form of Art

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Post by pH » Fri Aug 27, 2004 9:20 am

He was my fav at this year Sonar by night. Very nervous stuff !

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mnml newbie
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Post by Jos » Wed Sep 01, 2004 4:01 am

this man is amazing ... for those who haven't seen him jet .... go and catch him!!!!!!!
komm und traum die mittennachtstraum!

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Post by Militikie » Wed Sep 01, 2004 6:22 pm

this guy made me a minimal lover, his performance at voltt as jabbajaw was so amazing that i never could forget that night.
Mr Dear I Love You!! :D

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Post by -ix » Wed Sep 01, 2004 6:23 pm

Nice post Vicster, thanks!

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Post by Vicster » Thu Sep 02, 2004 12:05 am

-ix wrote:Nice post Vicster, thanks!
My pleasure! :D

I've just heard he is playing Glasgow again pretty soon along with Villalobos and Hawtin....aaaahhhh the Sonar memories come flooding back! I cant wait. Each time I see him he plays a different live set unlike many other live artists. His stuff as Audion is nearest to what he does live. 8)

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Post by Delano » Thu Sep 09, 2004 9:27 pm

One of the best producers in my eyes, really love all his stuff.
Favorite records: Dogdays, Sink The Ship and Dogdays

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