kemi - Minimal Techno & Deep Grooves

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kemi - Minimal Techno & Deep Grooves

Post by diffreqrecords » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:39 am

All media can be found here:
kemi's SoundCloud Page

Chris Erotokritou also known as 'kemi', born in Nicosia, Cyprus and currently located in Brighton, UK. He has finished his BSc Degree in Software Engineering and is currently working on his MSc in Intelligent Systems.

From a very young age he has been involved in computer software development and playing electric guitar. Using his passion for music and this great interest in computer technology, he managed to blend these two together by electronic music production which he started from the early age of 16. In the present day he is using his existing computer and DJ skills to produce his own tracks with a unique style.

He released his first EP album with DiFFReQ Records on the 15th of september 2009. The EP ,N-87, was named after the great impact of the London nightlife which he lived for 3 years. Now located in Brighton he absorbs the inspirational and artistic mood of the city to try out a fresh and diverse genre.

He has just signed his second EP, Grind It, with MATERIALIZM. This will be released for free and the date is soon to be announced.

A third EP has been agreed with Starcake Records, Recycle Bin EP. This is due to be released early 2010.

Find more here:
Facebook Fan Page
YouTube Channel

Recycle Bin EP
Different Frequencies Records

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