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Post by adjunct » Fri Aug 21, 2009 5:36 am

Paulice: Adjunct / Miniatura Records

Argentine born Paula Antomarioni a.k.a. Paulice has
been in touch with music since her early childhood.
Her musical journey began in the school’s, followed
by the church’s choir, through a renascent musical
group, including flute and guitar playing, all the way
to a fleeting appearance in an alternative teen punk-
rock band. Paula’s musical background has also
been strongly influenced by classical, soul, blues,
jazz, tango, funk and Latin rhythms. She got turned
onto electronic music in the late nineties,
particularly she was fascinated by the early Chicago
influenced minimal and acid tech house.
Nowadays she’s studying piano, and is showing
strong appetite for multi-genre fusions, for blending
her musical roots into a minimalist concept, from
techno to house, reminiscing old school legends, all
of the above present in her productions and live

You check out her latest release on Adjunct here:

expect lots more amazing tunes from her in the near future!

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Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about secret new weopons?

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