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Post by lomidhigh » Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:52 pm



links :
youtube :
Daria @ Weekend Club 13th Aug 09 clip1
Daria @ Weekend Club 13th Aug 09 clip2

Daria is an intensely creative individual with a bohemian charm that
proves infectious to other music lovers. As a DJ and producer, her natural
ability to connect with crowds stems from an output that is always
sprinkled with surprises: soaring melodies, lush harmonies and free-
spirited beats. Whether she is channelling her cosmic charge through
clubs around the planet, or compressing her personality into productions
such as ‘Pampero’, the Daria aesthetic is all about energy, emotion and

Of Swiss-Persian origin, arts-loving Daria (Daria Mechkat) was born in
Geneva, Switzerland. This is where her creative journey began and where
she lives to this day. Initially feeling the draw of music as a teenager, at
the dawn of the 90s, she formed a three-piece band that blended both
acoustic and electronic elements, and became the lead singer. They had
some success and played several live gigs but ended up parting ways. In
the years that followed Daria chose to concentrate on developing her
graphic design skills – something else that is very close to her heart.
Hence in 1996 she created her own graphic design outfit and started
creating record sleeves for labels like Geneva’s own Mental Groove and
Berlin’s Get Physical. She excelled, eventually joining the famed Swiss
design collective La Fonderie, before founding a rather funky line in
couture, called Dame Pipi.

Daria has constantly worked across various mediums to satisfy an innate
artistic wanderlust. However, once bitten by the DJing bug, she realigned
her musical focus and faced the dancefloor, full on. Consequently, in 2002
she started her first club residency, at Weetamix in Geneva, where she
performed alongside such renowned figures as Carl Craig, Luciano,
Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. Building upon these foundations, she
has since gone on to DJ at a string of top venues. These include
Watergate, Weekend and Bar 25 in Berlin, Harry Klein in Munich, The Loft
in Barcelona, Montreux Jazz Festival and regular sessions at Loft Club in
Lausanne. In 2008, she also completed a South American tour, playing for
the first time in countries like Chile and Argentina, where she made a
welcome return in 2009. And, of course, recent appearances at Cadenza
showcases, and alongside Luciano at parties like Circoloco in Riccione,
Italy, have been instrumental to her outlook.

Over time Daria has become ever more deeply involved as a DJ, and
several years ago she even set up a small home studio, where she could
start producing her own music. The culmination of her efforts fast came to
fruition in 2007, when she released her haunting debut production,
‘Alpaga’, on Raphaël Ripperton and Sam K’s Perspectiv Records. This
technoid groove was also featured on Perspectiv’s first compilation, Family
Tree, and selected for a CD sampler from French magazine Tsugi. The
next sensation to scorch floors from Berlin to Buenos Aires was Daria’s
Les Gourmandises, her first EP, released in early 2009 by Denmark’s very
exclusive Lomidhigh imprint. This was another essential project as it
housed ‘Pampero’ and ‘Bonbon’ – dual delights that have received support
from, among others, Laurent Garnier, Nima Gorji, Barem, and Jorge
Savoretti, who said ‘Pampero’ was one of his and Barem’s favourite
summer hits at Bar 25.

Adding to the rich tapestry of textures that can now be found in her
discography, Daria has also remixed ‘Papucho’ by Argentinian artist Urss
for Canadian label Monique Musique. This will be released later in 2009,
alongside Mirko Loko’s remix of ‘Mamucha’ by Urss. As always, her music
elegantly shifts between the lightness of warm percussion and the shiny
tension of bright arpeggiated melodies, assuring the excitement of the
dancer as well as the emotion of the listener. Tight grooves delicately
integrated into a fulfilling musical experience.

What’s more, with her international profile growing every year, the
German-based DVD magazine Slices recently completed a great feature
documenting her life and style. Here, Daria gracefully guided their
cameras around Lake Geneva and to a local flea market – showing that
she is every bit as colourful and organic as her sounds.

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Post by moessap » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:24 am

Pompelmoessap LOVE Daria !!

Great artist, amazing DJ.. and such a lovely personality which correspond to her music !!

She has been since so many years doing things moving for music in Geneva.. defenetly need more personnality like this !!

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Post by lomidhigh » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:50 pm


Lomidhigh Mixtape 003 Daria

It´s October month and for this third mixtape I´ve asked a good friend of mine
to leave her fingerprints on the spinning records. This mix by Daria is
warm, colourful, melodic and organic (like her personality).

I advice you to take the mix with you for a walk in the forest and enjoy all
the colours the autumn has to offer.

Read interview / Download the mix at :


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mnml mmbr
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Post by moessap » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:36 am

I m going to have a walk in the forest this weekend, going to mushroom... it's time here in switzerland, so Daria's mix will be with me in my IPod.. !!

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Post by Storlon » Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:01 am

Yeap, great Dj, sweet production and a nice person (:

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