Onur Ozer

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Pff, he makes real minimal, different but still minimal.
I luvluvluvvvvvv

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brianc wrote:For those looking for a little more information on him,


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ponyslaystation wrote:cause we are a rich mix of Asia and Europe.istanbul!

and read this
Onur Özer - Interview
Do you have any relation to traditional Turkish music?
Not deeply, but I’m surrounded by it. It’s everywhere. When you’re outside on the streets of Istanbul, you can hear it all over. Loud and omnipresent.

Does it affect many people, of all ages or backgrounds?
Everybody hears it. Some people listen to it, others even hate it. But, as I said, you can’t get away from it. It’s the soundtrack of the city.

How do people deal with the tradition and the modernity?
First of all there’s a huge difference between Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. In Istanbul, the young generation is very European indeed. But the older people are more diverse, some are European, some open-minded, others very religious. There’s a balance in the city: one part is European, one part is traditional.

You can see two worlds collide, Europe and the Orient…
Of course. You know, down the street from where I live it’s pretty traditional. My area is very European-minded. Up the street is different again. Istanbul is very miscellaneous. Yeah, worlds collide. But people with different minds have found a way to live together.

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