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Post by salaisinko? » Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:34 pm

btw, do you guys know what Ruoho Ruotsi mean in finnish? Grass Sweden :D
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[de'fchild 012] Ruoho Ruotsi - Afternoon Delighting

Post by defchild » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:34 am


Ruoho Ruotsi presents a new 12" four-tracker entitled Afternoon Delighting. Drawing conceptual and lyrical inspiration from the "Chanson d'Apres-midi" by Charles Baudelaire (Les Fleurs du Mal), each piece ruminates on the myriad shades of grey between the poles of bitter & sweet, friendship & enmity, sacred & profane love.

A1 Bramble Bramble (6:45)
A2 Dolores Tristes (6:32)
B1 Sweet Bits (7:20)
B2 Afternoon Delighting (5:55)

The 12" record is distrubuted by Crosstalk International (Chicago) and Discomania (UK).
More information about the 12" and full-length high-quality previews @

As a little bonus, below is a link to a time-lapse music video that looks at creative process that went into the artwork for this release. Enjoy!
The Making of Artwork for "Afternoon Delighting" @


Digital versions are available on:

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New Ruoho Ruotsi collab with Triton!

Post by defchild » Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:49 am

Triton & Ruoho Ruotsi - Eclaircies Dumont

The 12" is out now! ... 367807-01/

More information & sounds:

Digital versions available @ Beatport: ... s%20Dumont

but also @ zero", juno-download, itunes, etc.

Brooklyn based, Zero-G Sounds label head, Triton gangs up with former roommate Ruoho Ruotsi in a followup to Selector II, their 2006 collaboration on SKOR Records.

With Eclaircies Dumont, Triton and Ruoho Ruotsi explore contrasting yet complementarily lush dubwise takes on auditory meditation. The title side track, Dumont is a classically psychotropic deep-space epic that unscrupulously stretches the limits of listeners' temporal perception. This is connoisseurs' music in the purest sense.

On the flipside with Eclaircies, Ruoho Ruotsi breaks out the drum brush and a vintage space-echo, weaving sumptuous tapestries in the spaces between the notes. To round out the collaboration, each producer then revisioned interpretations of the other's original music.


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