Alan Abrahams (Portable / Bodycode and Sud electronic)

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Post by mohson_iqbal » Wed Mar 05, 2008 1:35 am

The Perlon bit sounds really Housey with some male vocals!!!

i am not sure when release is any ideas peeps?

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Post by Dragonsand » Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:48 am

I have been listening to his entire discography and several livesets from him for several weeks.

And all I can say is that now he IS, for me, the most underrated producer out there.

I have no words to describe his music, because his works are really unique. But, by unique, I REALLY mean unique...
In some DJ sets, you don't need to ID his tracks, because we recognize his very personal sound everytime, and for me, that is what we can call an "Artist", someone who's got a sound signature.

Strictly speaking about the music, the drum programming is elegant, complex, deep, organic and "nanotechnologic" at the same time. The ambiance is like... you are dropped in a jungle, alone, you walk, discover strange temples and weird bunkers (Lost you said? :lol: ). It sounds like a permanent enigm.

Portable's sound is primitive and progressive at the same time. It is the sound of Earth, magnetism, and it's mysteries.

His livesets are the ones which got the most psychedelic and hypnotic effect on my brain. I've got a liveset from 2002. With a storytelling beat of only 120 bpm, my body and soul makes more acrobaties than an average 128 bpm techno liveset.

While Cadenza (for example) now pays some cheesy tributes to "world and ethnic" influences, Portable has been doing it waaaay better, without the cheese, for years.

Deep love and respect for this artist who's changed my vision of electronic music.

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