Heartbeats Collective Free House Party - 02/11/2013 [GB]

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Heartbeats Collective Free House Party - 02/11/2013 [GB]

Post by TRONIC_Collective » Thu Sep 26, 2013 1:25 am


Heartbeats Collective are back with their second instalment of "The Free House Party". This time they travel back to their spiritual home and the aptly named Flat 0/1. They will be keeping it in the family for this one with 4 HB Collective DJ's. All bangin' out Electro, Electro House, EDM, House and Techno for your enjoyment. So why not come down and join in the fun!

DJ's -

[in no particular order]

ESQ - https://soundcloud.com/esq-1
Shamus - https://soundcloud.com/shamusglasgow

Residents -

Megamegaman - https://soundcloud.com/megamegaman
FXWLL - https://soundcloud.com/fxwll

Flat 0/1
Bath Street, Glasgow
11pm - 3am

Entry - FREE (Donate on the door if you like)

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/heartbeatsglasgow
Twitter - https://twitter.com/HBCollectiv
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