US|CHI- 9|12 Mathias Matthew's B-Day & Record Release Event

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US|CHI- 9|12 Mathias Matthew's B-Day & Record Release Event

Post by mathias.matthew » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:03 am


Thursday, September 12th
Primary Presents:



Legotek Records, Danse Club Records

MATHIAS MATTHEW ... 0874329901 :

iElektronix, Stasis Recordings, Apollo, Migrashun


Plus Plus, Low Battery Recordings, Teggno Records


Curbed Recordings, Migrashun

In celebration of Mathias Matthew's B-Day and the release of his latest record "Anytime Is Fine" on IElektronix. All attendees will be receive an advanced copy of the bonus track off the record prior to its release. Join us on this night of rebirths, local music and international releases!

5 W Division St Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 888-2471

FREE Before 11:00
$10 After11:00
$5 Discounted List

Record information and write-up:

iElektronixs: iE069
1. Mathias Matthew - Anytime is Fine (Original Mix)
2. Mathias Matthew - Anytime is Fine (Jason Bay Remix)
3, Mathias Matthew - Anytime Is Fine (Joint Custody and Knuck Chorris Remix)
4. Mathias Matthew - Anytime Is Fine (Bonus Mix)

Throughout 2013, Mathias Matthew rise to the upper echelons of "left of center" house music has been achieved with impressive intent. With musical foundations built upon the traditions of Detroit and Chicago house, Matthew's prominent work in the DJ communities of these cities provided the fundamentals for a successful transition to the world of music production in 2011. Using a variety of innovative techniques to carve a niche for himself within the deeper shades of the house genus, his work has graced Stasis, Hero In My Hood and the pioneering "Forget Your Regrets" EP for Apollo. Now reprising his work for iElektronix earlier in the year, Mathias Matthew returns to the imprint with his brand new "Anytime Is Fine" EP featuring remixes from Jason Bay and Joint Custody & Knuck Chorris.

A primordial soup of beats, percussive rhythms and multi-faceted effects form the basis of "Anytime Is Fine". A thick atmosphere pervades before a deep, driving and distorted bass line surreptitiously forces its way to the foreground driving the track forwards with a relentless hypnotic force. This is deep innovative house music that defies boundaries and stereotypes with both original and "Bonus Mix" shunning convention.

Based in Milwaukee on the south-western coast of Lake Michigan, Jason Bay is a DJ and producer unconcerned with pretensions of fame and the trappings of success. A graduate in the art of music appreciation, set building and satiating the appetite of an expectant crowd, Bay's production career has been built upon the foundations of groove-laden rhythms that propel his music forward from start to finish. Work for Teggno and Plus Plus is now followed by a remix of "Anytime Is Fine" as Jason Bay confirms his penchant for an "established and extended groove". A soft, deep house chord plays in hypnotic unison with rapid-fire hi-hats as a deep bass line locks the groove tightly to its percussive counterpart. Vocal cuts, pads and intermittent effects all add to the aural melange to create a remix of unique interpretation.

Final contributor the EP comes in the form of US Joint Custody pairing, Matt Dillon and Joe Morgan combined with the spoonerism inspired, Knuck Chorris. From auspicious beginnings as a classical violinist, Dillon has grown into a premier DJ, playing and holding residencies across his homeland. Similarly, Morgan has been well versed in the art of DJ'ing, particularly in the dark art of scratching, before "a rabbit hole opened" into the world of minimal and tech house leading to an impressive portfolio of releases for Casa Do Conde and Superfeq followed by a remix of the legendary Chris Fortier on his Fade Records imprint. Turning collective attentions towards Mathias Matthew, the trio's remix of "Anytime Is Fine" combines lighter percussive interplay with the innovative textural features of Matthew's original to create an extended ten minute journey that meanders intriguingly across a collage of beats, rhythms and introspective melody. Combining with impressive effect, the result is a remarkable piece.

With remixes from Jason Bay, Joint Custody & Knuck Chorris, "Anytime Is Fine" for Mathias Matthew to extend his influence over the underground dance music community.

James Warren
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