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Glass Siren Studio

Post by gss » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:38 am

Morning All

It's only second post on here so go easy!

I've been wanting to do this for a while so here goes. I'm an artist based in the u.k. and over the last twelve years or thereabouts I have gradually built up a silkscreen print studio. Quite a lot of the work to date that i have produced has been based around sound and electronic music. A lot of it is very abstract by nature and i have developed a whole series of experimental print processes during this time which i try to feed into any new productions i make. I have been releasing prints and making art continuously during this time. The sales from which has just about got my studio to a stage where everything now functioning and just about complete but its been a real onslaught getting there. Often selling work far too cheaply just to keep the whole operation going. The art world is a funny one - lots of smoke and mirrors.

I also still handle a bit of graphics work that ties in the silkscreen stuff i do. One of the events some of my work has been used for is future daze in the uk and i recently did an experimental screenprint production for this (sample below) which ended up going to around 7 or 8 layers - i forgot how many layers in total its all a bit of a haze whilst producing these. Do too much of this kind of work and you end up living in the abstract!

The reason i'm posting is now the studio set up is sorted i'm about to start work on a new series of prints and original one off artworks - this time going to be focused on very short numbered editions and I'm also in a position for the first time in a while where i might be able to occasionally collaborate with other artists or electronic music labels.

I do have a site where i sell some work from and have also been using that evil digital auction site that everyone knows of far too often just to cover my studio costs each month but i'm just about to start overhauling my site with some new work so that's going to be my next focus trying to work out how to hell to market this stuff. Wish me luck with that i feel i'm going to need it!- i won't post a link or anything like that with me being new on here until i know its ok to do so, .Any suggestions though feel free to get in touch - i'd be very receptive to any new ideas.....

if you want to see any other samples or discuss projects just message me....

All the best



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