Politicians spend more/raise less in taxation & borrow...

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Politicians spend more/raise less in taxation & borrow...

Post by John Clees » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:37 pm

"Politicians consistently spend MORE money than they can RAISE in taxation. They spend MORE MONEY than they can RAISE, so then they borrow. They are broke because of their own stupid leadership and politicians. It's Immoral, IMMORAL to ask ordinary taxpayer of any country, to pick up the tab for failed politicians, and failed banks. They are defrauded, they are broke, for GOD sakes let's all of us admit it!"

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Spend less than what you bring in - What a complex issue!

American Society was completely different before credit card companies infested our country along with the federal reserve change out of gold backing as well.

Time to address the issue(s) ...


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