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Post by moodyl » Tue Sep 04, 2018 10:22 pm

Hello from Cambridge UK.

Thought I'd say hi as a newbie.

Been into dj'ing for 20 odd years now, dance music a bit longer.

Into all sorts of styles but like it dubby and percussive what ever the genre. Main weapon of choice are a set of 1210s but have been getting into using ableton recently, very effective when paired with a midi controller.

Used to put on gigs locally, mainly me and friends taking honours to play but also have booked a few pro's to headline, greg wilson, chicken lips, masters at work, unabombers and more.

I have just put together a techno mix, in dubby and percussive style, a lot of the tracks are syncopated and off beat, great to mix.

Was wondering if anyone can name any artists that produce skewed. wonky beats, can you recommend some?

Cheers for now.

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