"Goyim Revolution" - by Eric Dubay

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"Goyim Revolution" - by Eric Dubay

Post by John Clees » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:00 am

"Goyim Revolution" - by Eric Dubay


* please watch with an open mind.

More extremely informative historical video's by Eric Dubay.

Now that the FlatEarth to me, exposes just how sinister things really are... Let's go DEEPER....

After watching this i'm nearly speechless..

Speaks of Hitler throwing out the Rothschild's, restoring their economy due to not having to pay back interest, offering to dismantle their arms, and had a 99% approval rating... Hitlers speeches translated.


How many proposals I offered to this outside world, how many proposals for disarmament, how many proposals for a peaceful, new reasonable economic order, all of them rejected.

All they could say in the past te years was : "we want another war with Germany"...

As in all those years in which I sought an understanding under any circumstances, Mr Churchhill only cried, I want my war!" Now, he has it. And all his cohorts, who had nothing better to say than it would be a "lovely war"...

Now we feel the England is begging the world for help in this war...

I did not want this..

Immediately after the first confrontation, I extended my hand agian.

I myself was a soldier, and I k now how much it cost to gain victory : how much blood and misery, despair, depreivations, and sacrifices it takes.

However, my hand was rejected even more brusquely..

and since then, you have seen how every single one of my peace proposals was used by the warmondering churchhill and his followers to tell the threatened poeple that this was a sign of German weakness, that was proof that we could not fight any longer and wree about to capitulate.

Therefore, I gave up tryin git this way again.

I came to the conviction that we must fight for a clear decision here, a decision with an impact on the world hisotry for the next 100 years.
In war, truth is the first casualty - Aeschylus

The victor would never be asked if he told the truth - Adolph Hitler

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