.[> Flat Earth : (One) of the biggest lies ever told....

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Re: .[> Flat Earth : (One) of the biggest lies ever told....

Post by John Clees » Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:32 am

And lastly, of course he's a paid troll (another partial truthsmen) but I have more respect for Bill Nye The Neil deGrasse Tyson due to this, at least he's being actually honest, not that this footage is aired too often.


Bill Nye Knows - We Cannot Leave The Earth

Proof of NASA's lies! Never been to "space" outside of Low Earth Orbit

"That's news!" @KyrieIrving ...lol.

The fake NASA ISS interior - a technical breakdown by Mike Helmick - Flat Earth

"30 years NO country has put a monkey in space?"

"Space has NOT changed : technology has!!!"

"Later you won't know the difference".

-surprised flower -surprised flower -surprised flower

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John Clees
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Re: .[> Flat Earth : (One) of the biggest lies ever told....

Post by John Clees » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:01 am

So I did a deep clean in an old closet and found this again. It was in an old horoscope kit I paid $25 for about 12 yrs before. Pretty ironic thinking of how people now know we live on a flat circular plane under the (firmament/dome aka "van allen belts") Just some random accident? Pure chance? Thought it was worth a share.

A note from a friend as I didn't know how rare this was:
Thank you John for remembering you have a #StarChart kit which clearly only works on the #FlatEarth model! #FlatEarthISWINNING! Dear #Globeheads, this one is a dead giveaway, you would need a spherical starchart to win and that doesn't exist, I checked, in books, TLC, YouTube, astrologers, historically, I left no stone un-turned and instead I found more Flat Earth proof... this is getting so lame, you can't prove something which you are not standing on #simplelogic.

Anyways, Me and John are thinking about mass producing these the same way you guys stick them globes in our faces... Y'all better get used to seeing more of these around... A constant reminder of the TRUTH #ResearchFlatEarth!
- Vik FE


- Horizon comes from the word "Horizontal", not from the word "Curve."
- Sea-Level means "the Sea's LEVEL."
- AirPLANEs fly over a PLANE.

#No #Spherical #StarChart #Exist. #SpaceIsFake #FE

FB post : https://www.facebook.com/john.clees1/po ... &ref=notif




* "DRACO" is "also" found on mine which is in the Southern Hemisphere.


"Technically" the "stars" should go to the edge, however, this is showing you the "human eye perspective" viewpoint limitations in simplest terms, but also giving a visual of standing under Polaris. Human visual perspective is apx. 12,000 miles / 6,000 radius.

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John Clees
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Re: .[> Flat Earth : (One) of the biggest lies ever told....

Post by John Clees » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:04 am

Also, since they are "trying"/talking about it in Congress about more or less buring search engines on youtube/google...

A nice ADD, no-nonsense, straight to many points for those reading who wish to inquire.

35 Flat Earth Questions, Answered in 35 Minutes

TruthCenter has just released this excellent concise but comprehensive Flat Earth F.A.Q.

* I disagree with only one thing, YES WE LIVE IN A DOME people are just afraid still to say it.

35 Flat Earth Questions Answered in 35 Minutes


1. What does the Flat Earth look like? (0:15)
2. Where’s the edge? (1:09)
3. Where is the Sun on a Flat Earth? (2:07)
4. What about ships disappearing over the horizon? (3:02)
5. Why can’t I see across the oceans? (3:47)
6. How is circumnavigation possible on a Flat Earth? (4:22)
7. What about the Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Jump? (4:57)
8. What is underneath the Flat Earth? (5:45)
9. Does the Flat Earth move? (6:29)
10. What about Satellites, ISS, and the Hubble Space Telescope? (7:23)
11. Why is the Moon upside down in the Southern Hemisphere? (9:02)
12. What about the pictures of Earth from Space? (9:39)
13. Is the Moonlight just reflection of the Sun’s light? (10:52)
14. What about stars and does Outer Space even exist? (12:18)
15. Why do the Sun and Moon appear to be the same size? (13:01)
16. What about eclipses? (13:48)
17. What about the Coriolis Effect? (15:23)
18. Are the other planets flat? (16:26)
19. What about Gravity? (17:26)
20. What about Seasons? (19:29)
21. What about Time Zones? (20:22)
22. What about the Moon and Mars Landings? (21:01)
23. What about seeing the curve from an airplane window? (22:20)
24. What about Foucault’s Pendulum? (23:11)
25. How do you explain North and South on a Flat Earth? (24:03)
26. What about meteors, comets, and craters? (24:55)
27. Is there a dome over the flat Earth? (26:39)
28. Is Flat Earth only for religious people? (27:32)
29. Does the Bible say the Earth is flat? (28:06)
30. What about the Flat Earth Society? (28:52)
31. Who is behind the deception? (30:16)
32. Why would they lie about Flat Earth? (31:17)
33. Are all Scientists, Pilots, Engineers, and members of the Government in on the lie? (32:26)
34. Who is spreading the Flat Earth message? (33:16)
35. Why does it matter if Earth is flat? (34:50)

Follow me on Facebook:

Visit my YouTube Channel here:

For more info about our flat, motionless earth please visit:

The link didn't play for me so I wanted to leave more direct link alt & yt contact information.
Direct link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYSnDqE ... dded_uturn
NathanOakley1980 on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkLJN4 ... 4S9ijrYiyA
This is why NO mainstream science guy will debate publically.
This guy's debates are hilarious!

FLAT EARTH DEBATE! Red Pill Philosophy VS Godless Engineer
Direct - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... y3Ltr3Q4Ug
* Red Pill Philosophy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpM_hm ... lSLIdbirXQ

Tripping Balls - Joe Rogan - Eddie Bravo - Elon Musk - Fake Space - Flat Earth.
Direct link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv7UNiKkRHw
* John Thor on YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCupF8g ... K5EAHak4wg

Owen Benjamin https://www.youtube.com/user/owenbenjam ... /playlists
These clips were taken from Owen, a comedian who lost a Netflix deal, was banned from twitter, had his wife and family in Hollywood and relocated them to Colorado after he expressed teaching transgender to young children was wrong.


(31 Pictured) (24) FREE ONLINE FLAT EARTH BOOKS Provided by Dave Marsh TO DOWNLOAD.

Direct Safe/Google Link : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... ERGMGgxTTg

Sending LOVE & BLESSINGS in the new year!

Maybe start with Eric Dubay's stuff.

Learning is FUN!

: )
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