Buy a TR-707 or wait and get a Machinedrum?

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mnml maxi
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Post by pafufta816 » Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:50 pm

jackbrazzo wrote:I am having so much fun with my 707. Handclap, RIM and cowbell all sound good, my only gripe the BD is a little thin - Any way I can easily beef this up?

Its perhaps very simple as a machine but isnt that what house music is all about - Its just a clap and a bass drum beat.

Might get an MPC 60 next :)
run the BD ouput through tube amp and turn the bass UP :D. it's a bummer that the sounds are not tweakable, but thankfully Roland added one mono output per each drum sound so you can run individual sounds through effects, or record multitrack.

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Post by Beaumont » Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:59 pm

Oh how i love the 707. Had a 707/727 combo since i was a kid and will leave them to my family in my will..

The kick from the 707 is a bit weak as far as sub frequency's but it just begs to be layered with a medium decay 808 kick. Roll the 707 kick off with a highpass filter at 200hz. Roll the 808 kick off with a lowpass filter at 200hz. Enjoy the punch and quake that ensues. ;)

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