Greetings from Norway!

don't be shy. introduce yourself!
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Greetings from Norway!

Post by bjerkan » Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:39 pm

Hi there Mnml ppl!

I have been visiting here a couple of times and now decided to join in on the fun.
Been into electronical music for a few years, nothing too serious I guess.. mainly as a hobby producer/dj.
I also play vinyl, as alot of the music I enjoy only get realesed on that format. (And much more fun too ofc)
My attention usually goes towards the more housey and electro-spiced minimal stuff. But I def say YES to disco and techno too :-flower

Im a 21 y/o dude from a small city called Moss, which isnt too far away from Oslo. So most of my discovery of this wonderful music has been through websites and some influence from friends around Norway.

Shout out if you're from Norway ;)

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