Hello I'm lingk

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Hello I'm lingk

Post by lingk » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:46 am


I make Techno / minimal. Found this forum and thought I would join....

Here is my Bio

Lingk has been producing for a number of years and has put a strong focus on his talents for the past few years. Now he is making a name in the Detroit scene. His unique originality and dedication has made his work stand out. So much so that it caught the attention of the Detroit label, “Label” and New York label "The Seed".

Lingk has done remixes for The Crystal Method, Erin Barra, and MAC D Productions. He has also done remixes for local favorites such as Dink, Terrance K, & Dantiez Saunderson. Alongside the remixes, Lingk also helped Steve Duda (mau5trap /xfer) with the song “Fish” that was a collaborative effort on ThePublicRecord.com and was released on Beatport. He has also found his way into print when an early song of his “Always Fun” was featured in Future Music Magazine (FM224)

Lingk brings his production skills to the dance floor which enables him to create performances that impress the crowd and has made him highlight of many underground events in the Detroit area. Some may label him a Techno or minimal DJ, others a Tech-house DJ. He considers himself a techno producer who also DJs, his ability to bridge both worlds seamlessly while mixing Techno, Minimal, Tech-House, and Deep house with an energetic performance has caught the ears and eyes of many Detroit production companies. With Sub÷Divizion,Strange Luv Productions, Detroit Rave Scene, & Techno Snob adding him to their official roster.

lingk has released on Label(Detroit), Sub÷Divizion(Detroit), The Seed(New York), Berlin Aufnahmen(Germany)

BP: www.beatport.com/artist/lingk/342962
SC: www.soundcloud.com/lingk
MC: www.mixcloud.com/lingk
FB: www.facebook.com/djlingk

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