Hallo Allesammen!

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Hallo Allesammen!

Post by Aikho » Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:24 pm

I stumbled over the main site a day or two ago via the Wikipedia articles on minimal techno and microhouse (can't remember which). And I must say. The nice little logo on the white background really caught my eye. I love design like that.

Anyways, onto some more interesting things... I've been a hobby musician since 2002-2004 or something like that. I really can't really remember right now. It all started out with a magazine sale at the library in the city where I grew up. The one that caught my eye and took me in this direction had a big piece on FL Studio 4 and they wanted a mere 5NOK for it. So I got it, wen't home and started reading. I quickly got a hold of the demo and started playing around with that. For the first year or so I was just rearranging the demo-songs and making odd noises.

Still, I thought it all quite fun and I kept at it, despite my early attempts at arranging musical pieces falling just short of horrid. Looking back at how much I've been able to teach myself and how muh fun I've had since then I can honestly say that "Play around with it and don't give up" is the best piece of generic advice one could give or get.

I have been through a few genres as well, like Hardstyle, Gabber, Dubstep, Schranz/Hard Techno, Hard House, Breaks, Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass and Minimal Techno/Microhouse. Few of them stuck around for long periods of time. In the interest of this community though, Minimal Techno/Microhouse did.

I should probably list a couple of artists I like, that I either just enjoy listening to or that have inspired my mnml sound. Only artist alias I can remember from the top of my head without looking in my current playlist is Monoloc. Sad but true.

But still, I find these and the similar genres pretty entertaining and I'm hoping that I will continue to do so, cause playing around with them has taught me much about what I do in my spare time.

What I usually do anyway, currently my computer is dead due to hardware malfunction and I don't have spares. Getting new stuff would mean replacing everything due to the hardware's age, so that's not happening yet. Therefore my studio setup is now limited to playing with drums and samples I've recorded with my simple portable stereo recorder on a netbook (No synthesis due to this netbook being weaker than a digital pocket watch, it can't even handle one instance of my favorite FM Synth.) connected to a pair of Argon 7460A Powered speakers with a built in USB DAC.

Hopefully that will change soon, I have some positive leads to follow.

And just cause, I dream of owning a Roland TR-909 and a Korg MS-20. The latter will now thankfully be garanteued to happen in the near future due to the MS-20mini being launched!

Schmaker godt

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