well hello there !

don't be shy. introduce yourself!
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well hello there !

Post by japanic » Sat May 26, 2012 5:20 am

always been into electronic music, starting off young with happy hardcore and all that trance *sigh* :oops:

Evolved into house music, funky deep soulful house big fun 1990's-2000s era :-flower

Discovering the minimal sound about 6 years ago it just grew on me more and more and i then got introduced to the net-label scene and never looked back. :green:

As an avid electronic music based musician it was my dream to show case all the unsung heroes that are producing amazing quality work through net labels.

So here i am finally signed up to mnml after years of browsing the forums for those special links ! :)

minimal...deep...progressive...webradio >>> www.japanic.us <<<

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