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Post by gilesdickerson » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:58 pm

Hi there, I'm sure I've crossed many of your paths, I've been a collector of house music and reggae/dub for maybe 26 years. I used to have a radio show on FM Saturday evenings in Boston and did a lot of travel/DJing back then. Now I'm working as a designer in NYC and after getting rid of a ton of hardware (MPC and various synths, etc.) and started playing guitar for a few years, I've recently gotten back into making music with software synthesis and samplers and so I'm jumping in here to see if I can keep my finger on the pulse of production as I start to experiment with making music.

I have the full catalog of Chain Reaction and Basic Chanel recordings, most of what Kenny Dixon has put out, and just tons of super rare and wonderful minimal house and ambient music on wax and digital. Big fan of Jan Jelinek and ~scape, Isolée, etc. but equally enjoy the soulful deepness of Donny Hathaway and Brass Construction.

I have some mixes from a few years back on Soundcloud if you're interested, I think you'll enjoy them if you like the above mentioned music:

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