DEMENT3DXXX Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk - Mémoire du Présent EP

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DEMENT3DXXX Hendrik van Boetzelaer aka Opuswerk - Mémoire du Présent EP

Post by Opuswerk » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:12 am

Fellow mnmlers, I'm proud to share my latest EP on the François X's new platform: Dement3dXXX, which highlights a change in how I'll present my work if you fancy reading below.

A1. L'Esprit de l'Écoute

A2. Modulations d’Amplitude

B1. Le Souvenir

B2. Sieste Juvénile

Opuswerk started as a duo in 2006 as an innocent adventure in electronic music next to an envisioned career in generative architecture. The project became a solo one pursued as a hobby, bouncing between technical and musical discoveries.

Like many here, the deeper I delved into music, the more it came to be the one and only thing I wanted to do. Fast forward to today, I devote myself daily to music, educating myself in its many aspects, from its history to my passion for the concept of “the club”, or its technicalities. From aimless tinkerings, studio sessions have found a purpose and are channeled in a specific direction that has matured over the years. A lot of that time was actually spent lurking this very forum, doing my best at learning and honing my craft. At the same time I developed my purpose as an artist, building confidence in my work, and defining how I want to contribute to this magical mystery that is “club music”.

The work process behind the Mémoire Du Présent EP, was the tipping point where the need for an alter ego disappeared. Hendrik van Boetzelaer is me reclaiming my work and musical universe. Under my own name, I will keep on navigating across techno, house, ambient with no-predefined boundaries, where pure sound and rhythm explorations will sit side by side to dancefloor tracks, as for me they are all part of the same fascinating whole.

Opuswerk is for now a name of the past, and I hope you will enjoy doing the same with what is coming.

With love from Sweetzerland,

Hendrik van Boetzelaer (the artist formerly known as Opuswerk)
Opuswerk is now Hendrik van Boetzelaer
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