Flint LSD25 - Nuclear Explosion (demo tape) [Drone]

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Flint LSD25 - Nuclear Explosion (demo tape) [Drone]

Post by LSD25_Recordings » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:44 pm

Flint LSD25 - Nuclear Explosion (demo tape)

Electronic Music
Style: Drone, Ambient, Dark Ambient

Video presentation of the new track in drone style - ambient track titled nuclear explosion. The blast wave, flying debris falling boulders in the water, giant wave washes away everything in its path alive, evaporating from the fiery din plasma sizzling and bubbling waters of the ocean. That is what you will hear, and your consciousness dissolve into the post apocalyptic atmosphere that I passed in this audio track https://goo.gl/q32jUy

This is test demo tape electronic music project of new track by Flint LSD25
This track has not been signed under the label.

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